The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a globally accepted framework that explains what knowledge someone has or should have when learning a foreign language in any country in the world.

Thus worldwide levels of study and corresponding language certificates are divided into:

 Level  A1  as elementary

Level  A2 as basic

Level B1 as moderate knowledge

B2 level as good knowledge

Level C1 as very good knowledge & 

Level C2 as an excellent knowledge 

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​describes in detail the knowledge and skills - skills that a learner needs to learn a foreign language, and how he / she should be able to handle the language in written, oral and all communication levels (acoustics - understanding of texts).

It also describes:

- What kind of texts one can understand

- What can he write (topic, report, letter, article or email & how many words)

- The vocabulary level and the subjects it can handle (oral & acoustic)

The Common European Framework allows us to speak a "common" language when it comes to characterizing the knowledge of someone learning a foreign language, its level of study and giving us a very specific picture of the knowledge but also the goals we need to achieve and improve to go to the next level.

Further information can be found at the following links: th-didaskalia-ekma8hsh-kai-a3iologhsh-twn-glwsson.html




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